A closer look at modern sunroom furniture

A sunroom, also known as a conservatory, is a room in your home that is neither completely outdoors nor indoors. It’s like an enclosed patio. It shares a roof with the main house but all its walls except the one abutting the mainĀ house are fitted in windows. The window walls are uninsulated and the room’s floor may be wooden or tiled. Most people make the sunroom so that they can reduce the use of artificial lighting. You will not have to turn on lights in the morning and afternoon since the natural lighting in the room is enough.
A few things to consider when choosing sunroom furniture

A sunroom requires sunroom furniture that should be different from the furniture in other rooms. The following are factors you should consider when choosing durable sunroom furniture.

Furniture material: since the furniture will be exposed to sunlight more often, ensure that you purchase the most durable material that will not be damaged by sunlight. However, choose a material that is easy to clean and maintain.

How you intend to use the room: before you purchase sunroom furniture, you should think of how you would like to use the room or how you are using it. Since the sunrooms have adequate light, most people prefer to grow indoor plants in plastic pots. If you plan on planting flowers, invest in some elegant matching plant stands that will make your room beautiful. The adequate sunlight in the sunroom makes it an ideal spot for reading. If you want to spend time in the sunroom reading, invest in comfortable chairs, sofas, breakfast table or a chaise lounge. You could take breakfast in the sunroom as you go through the newspaper or you could lie back on the chaise lounge during the weekend with a good book.

Size of the sunroom: how large or small is the room. The sunroom is an open area that gets you closer to nature. Therefore, it should not be cramped. It should be open with one or two sofas and a few floor cushions.

Types of sunroom furniture

Wicker furniture: wicker furniture is made from natural material that can withstand most adverse elements and is light. However, if it is exposed to rain and cold, it should be cleaned regularly to avoid developing molds. It can be decked up with beautiful upholstery and cushions.

Rattan furniture: this type of furniture is made from natural materials like palm canes. It is quite light and can be found in different elegant designs that can be used to decorate the sunroom for entertainment. However, rattan furniture requires a lot of care since it can become weak with time.

Wrought iron furniture: this is the best choice for sunroom furniture since it can withstand almost all elements of nature. It will not develop mold if rained nor fade due to the bright sunlight. Coat it with PVC or use rust proof paint to prevent it from rusting. Wrought iron furniture is quite elegant and can be painted over any color of your choice. Therefore, if you want your room to look casual, you can use light shades and darker shades for a formal look.

The bottom line

A sunroom can be a place where you spend family time together, relax or entertain. Therefore, you should use the furniture that you are most comfortable with. Never overlook personal comfort for the sake of fashion and trends.

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